Microsoft Surface Pro

Have you broken the screen on your Microsoft Surface Pro? Have you receive a quote of $600-$800 to replace the screen? Think again, here at Laptop Screen Replace we aim to control our costs so you the customer can enjoy affordable laptop screen replacement service. Our cost is much lower than our competitor and your laptop screen replacement job could be done on the same day.Laptop Screen Repair Free quote

To replace the screen for Microsoft Surface Pro we first need to know the model number which is located under the flaps. I.e. 1631 1724

Replacing a touch screen + LED still a much better alternative to replacing your laptop. Not only is it better for the environment, but you also retain all your files and settings; you get to keep the device that you are used to

Here are some popular Microsoft Surface Pro devices we can repair:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 1631 Screen Repair/Replacement

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 1724 Screen Repair/Replacementmicrosof-surface-pro screen

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 1796 Screen Repair/Replacement

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 1796 Screen Repair/Replacement

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 1866 Screen Repair/Replacement

Common issues with Microsoft Surface Pro Screens

  • Closing the lid with object in the middle in between keyboard and screen
  • Dropped Surface Pro laptop on the floor casing screen and casing damage.
  • Screen damage from heavy external impact
  • Surface pro laptop got hit from soccer or basket ball,
  • cats or dog bite on the laptop screen

Every job also comes with our 12 months warranty and lifetime labour guaranty. Why wait, call us today for a free quote.