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Local Repairs

We don’t have a retail “shopfront” but we have a pretty work shop (if we do say so ourselves). Repairs are scheduled BY APPOINTMENT ONLY as we don’t allow “walk in repairs”. Most screen replacement take less than 20 minutes except some Macbook and touch screens. We don’t charge a rush fee for doing the repair right there and then. In fact, we prefer that you are present during the repair.

Yes we do. Nowadays you can’t be without your computer for long, and we understand that. That is why we keep almost every screen needed in stock for the quickest turnaround possible. If you are in Sydney, we will have your computer repaired and back to you within 20-30mins on the spot except some Macbook models where we can do same day pick up and drop off service. For clients outside of Sydney metro areas we can do a door to door pickup and return service, so there is no need for you to leave your home/office for the repair to be done.

We perform repairs from 8am-8pm 7 days a week, even after hours and public holiday appointments are possible. We perform repairs on the spot and make sure that every repair has enough time to be completed quickly and perfectly.

To contact us and/or set up a repair appointment you can simply call us on 1300 839 893, or call and SMS to 0402738038. Alternatively, you can fill in our Free Quote form and we will contact you by email or phone call with in 60 mins (during business hours).

Normally if you want to get it done same day, you’ll need to contact us by 4pm. It is better if you can let us know at least 3 hours before your preferred time. If you want to get it done in a few days, don’t wait until that day to contact us. At least a days ahead is preferred, so the sooner you contact us the better.

Normal laptops take between 15-20 minutes to repair.
Some Macbook models (Macbook Air, etc) take 2-5 hours to repair. For example, if you give us a Macbook air in the morning before 12pm we most likely can have it ready for you by 5pm. If you give it to us in the afternoon, then we will have it ready for you by the next morning.

Yes. Since we don’t take your charger so we prefer your device to be charged enough so when we finish the repair we can turn on the laptop to see if the new screen is working correctly.

In a word: no. You’ll be able to see us moving around our work shop, but we do not allow customers to watch repairs taking place.

Cash is always appreciated. But we accept all credit card payments through Paypal. We also accept direct bank transfer.

Mail In Repairs

Drop off

If you are in Sydney Metro areas you can arrange a time to drop into our workshop where most screens can be fixed in around 15 min. Macbooks will take 3-5 hours, so you can go for lunch then comeback in the afternoon/next morning to pick up your device.


We do onsite repair for most laptop models, just call 0402 738 038 to book a time.

Pick up and Return

For Sydney Metro, we can go to your home or office to collect your device, complete the repair then bring it back to you.

Door to door courier service

If you are outside Sydney, in NSW or any other state, we can arrange for a door to door pickup and return courier service. We will have the laptop screen replaced for you as soon as we receive it then book a return the very next day.

You don’t pay for your repair until we’ve received your device and we’ve repaired it. We will contact you as soon as your job is done. You can pay with Paypal, Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer.

The majority of devices that are couriered to us get couriered back the same day or next morning.

Yes. Just inform us this and we will have it send back to your via Express Post and pay the difference.

General Questions

Well, honestly, yes we’re real! We order large quantities of screens, keep our overhead low, and pass the savings onto you. We don’t know why they charge as much as they do, but we established our company to provide a quick, flexible and affordable alternative to paying tons of money for a repair that really shouldn’t cost that much.

All Laptops include Apple uses companies like Samsung and LG (to name a few) to produce their parts and then they use companies like Foxconn to put their products together. Our screens come directly from companies like LG and Samsung and are literally the EXACT same part that is your Apple or HP, Toshiba, product now. You will not lose any quality or clarity when you get your screen or glass replaced by us, since it’s the same part!

When we replace the screen on your laptop and Macbook, iPad, iPhone we are like stealthy ninjas. We use some of the least invasive techniques in the industry to make sure that we don’t affect any of your data. If you are worried about your data it is best to back it up before completing the repair.

No. When you crack your screen or glass, you void the warranty of your screen/glass. When we replace that part, the warranty for the rest of your Apple device is not affected. In fact, our work is so good that Apple would have no idea that we replaced your screen. We’ve had customers go back to Apple with problems down the road (completely unrelated to their screen) and Apple literally had no idea that the screen was replaced.

We provide 12 months warranty with our parts and labour. So if your screen/glass has issues unrelated to accidental damage just contact us and we’ll swap it out for free. Please note this is a return to base warranty service so you can bring it to us or use a courier service to send it to us. If you prefer us to attend warranty issues onsite there will be a call out fee.

With every repair you will get a receipt.

We aren’t perfect (but we’re getting there!), sometimes during a repair a display cable may become tweaked or a backlight may go out. It’s our guarantee that we will give your device back to you in a state that is the same or better than it is right now.

The reason we have 100% satisfaction with our customers isn’t because we are perfect. It’s because that the .0001% of the time that something doesn’t go as planned, we are honest about it and will do anything to make you happy.

Unfortunately we can’t do payment plans.

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