Laptop & MacBook Screen Repair Service in Sydney

Same-day laptop screen repairs. So you can keep working

Laptops are known for being fragile and delicate systems; the most likely part to get damaged on the most of laptop,  is the screen. It can take just one accident for laptop screen to be ruined, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend  so much money on buying a brand new laptop; a small job of repair, work will get your MacBook or laptop screen up and running on the same day max in 30 mins.

Whatever you’re working on—an important report, assignment a project that’s worth half your final mark, or just getting the children through a rainy day—we understand that a broken laptop is no joke. In most cases, our laptop screen repairs team will be able to fix your MacBook or laptop within 30 mins. Just drop it off at our workshop. We will fit the new screen on the spot while you wait and you’ll be able to collect it straight away.

Let’s say your laptop screen gets broken halfway through a vital piece of work. How will you know if that work is still going to be there once your screen replacement is done? Simple. You call us and we will provide you with the replacement free quote. Just bring the laptop to us and you’ll get a professional screen repair done for you within 30 mins, so you can get back to work. But you’ll also get a reassuring expert, right when you need them most. Our technician will help you to find what you were doing when the screen got damaged. And if you do need data retrieval, we can help with that too.

Our laptop screen repairs are guaranteed. All new parts fitted by our technician come with a 12 months guarantee. And because we’re local, you won’t have to wait for days for us to get the parts in. If it isn’t done for you today, it will be the next day.

We appreciate how important your laptop and MacBook are. For projects, work , study or even gaming we all want to get back asap. We understand that,  get your MacBook and laptop screen repaired on the Spot within 30 mins when you drop it off at our Peakhurst repair center located at 14 Prospect Road, Peakhurst NSW 2210. We can also travel to your location such as your workplace, school or home and get your MacBook and laptop screen repaired on the spot within 15-20 mins while you wait.

Please call, text or whatsapp us in advance to make an appointment. Most MacBook and laptop screens are in stock, include HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus Touch screens, Apple Macbook Pro, MacBook Air screens. Some speical touch screens require longer time to order and repair.

Laptop Screen Repair Free quote

MacBook & Laptop Screen Replacement Bring it in or We come to you!

Do you need to have your MacBook, Laptop, Laptop Touch screen replaced asap?

Not a problem. Laptop Screen Repair Sydney Center’s qualified technicians will go onsite to your office, home or school to replace your laptop screen on the spot from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week anywhere in Sydney metro. It only takes as little as 15-20 mins to have your laptop screen replaced. Most MacBook, Laptop and laptop touch screen can be replaced within 30 mins on the same day on the spot.

You can also choose to bring it into our Sydney based workshop and get your screen replaced there within as little as 30 mins. Just simply give us a call and we can arrange an appointment for you.

  1. Sydney CBD – laptop screen repair/replacement
  2. Eastern Suburbs Sydney – laptop screen repair/replacement
  3. South Sydney – laptop screen repair/replacement
  4. Western Sydney – laptop screen repair/replacement
  5. North Sydney – laptop screen repair/replacement

Common symptoms of bad screen that need replacing or repairs

  • Physical damage: these days laptop getting thinner and thinner, as result it becoming more fragile. 2 to 3 pound of pressure can seriously damage a screen. Thus small fall, slip can cause Cracks On Screen Glass or tears Which are Obvious Screen Is Damaged
  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines on Screen or mix of both
  • Very Dark Hard To See. But you can still see images, Screen Backlight is probably faulty Or cause by a bad inverter
  • Screen Light Flicks – -This can be caused by a loose connection, but most likely it is caused by a bad LCD inverter, which will need to be replaced
  • Color Mixing
  • Screen with fainting image

Laptop Screen Repair Sydney offers 12 Month Warranty on parts and life warranty on workmanship for all our screen replacement.

Call us at 0402 738 038 or email us at info@laptopscreenreplace.com.au if you have any questions or arrange an appointment to have your screen replaced by Laptop Screen Repair Sydney Center.

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